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Accreditation request of the Paris Intenational Dive Show

In order to have an accreditation,

 please fill in the form below and send us a copy of your press card by email at: Véronique Jambon : veronique@missblabla.fr

Upon receipt of your request, our press manager will get in touch with you and will specify you if your accreditation is to accepted.
The badges of accéditation are not sent. During your arrival on the Show, a badge of access will be put back to you at the bank "accueil presse"
Contact Relations Presse : MissBlabla Communication - www.missblabla.fr
Attachée de presse : Véronique Jambon - Tél : 06 67 77 15 16 - E-mail : veronique@missblabla.fr

Accreditation request

Your request must be received before january 2 2015.

All informations are mandatory!

Dive Show