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DIVEVOLK to Launch the innovative Diving Assistant System at Paris International Dive Show 2019

Rubrique : Matériel


Date : 31 Décembre 2018


DIVEVOLK, the supplier of innovative wearable diving gears, will launch its first model of Diving Assistant System during Paris International Dive Show 2019.

Today, smartphone camera performance has been upgraded so fast that they are a great alternative to bulky cameras. Besides, smartphones, with their most powerful hardware and software applications, are bringing convenience, entertainment and much more to meet our needs in daily life on land, in contrast, the use of smartphone underwater are so limited. The DIVEVOLK Diving Assistant system allows divers to use all phone functions underwater the same way as they do on land. The portable and easy-to-use system meets different needs of both professional and amateur divers.

Consisting of full touchscreen diving smartphone housing, diving earphone and wireless controlled synchronous strobe which can be used underwater at a depth of up to 50 meters/ 164ft, Diving Assistant offers water sports enthusiasts great potential for brand new fascinating experiences: touchscreen input, audio output, Check SPG safety alarm, phone built-in compass, diving signals, water surface orientation, underwater interaction, underwater music, wireless charging without taking smartphone out, and more. The compact and handy design facilitates all divers and fits to various outdoor scenarios. Most importantly, it establishes an open platform for the upcoming diving apps, which were scarce before due to the lack of hardware support, to bring divers safety, entertainment, convenience and much more. It also enables smartphone to be used as control terminal for other diving equipment, providing unlimited possibility to new solutions in diving industry.

DIVEVOLK will be in Booth#N09, and limited demo kits will be available to active dealers who are organizing dive trips or hosting demo day events. Any company, who want to become authorized DIVEVOLK dealers, can email us at for full program details.

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